User Experience and HCI

Innovation in a merging real and virtual world. Focus on Augmented/Mixed-Reality.

I founded and established the topic User Experience on my own initiative at Ergon Informatik AG, one of Switzerland's leading providers of customised software solutions and products. My work ranged from founding, scaling and leading the UX team, UX strategy, to the introduction of User Centered Design (UCD) and Lean UX methods and processes. 
In the last 15 years, I have also been hands-on involved with UX consulting, UX research, UX design and visual design work in a large variety of products and projects. Applied methods always vary dependent on the project and context, but typical ones comprise: personas and scenario descriptions, various forms of prototypes and usability tests, contextual inquiries, interviews, workshops, surveys, affinity diagrams, style guides and design systems. 
Below are just a few impressions of my personal work at Ergon Informatik AG (with a focus on UX design and visual design) from 20+ products and projects until 2016. Starting 2017, my scope broadened again from UX to product management, innovation and strategy consulting - with a focus on AR/applied AI applications as well as products and interactions in a merging real and virtual world.

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