Mirasense and Scandit AG

Innovation in a merging real and virtual world. Focus on Augmented/Mixed-Reality.

I am one of four co-founders, the inventor and developer of the core computer vision technology behind the start-up Scandit AG (former name Mirasense AG). Scandit is currently changing the way enterprises and consumers interact with everyday objects and augment the physical world based on computer vision and barcode scanning.
I contributed from 2005 - 2012: From the development of the company’s core technology for the efficient recognition of blurry 1D barcodes with smartphones as part of my PhD thesis at ETH Zürich and at MIT, to the launch of the Scandit price comparison app and the ScanDK scan engine product. Based on the patented (EU and US) enabling technology, I also prototyped numerous mobile consumer and enterprise products in a retail context in collaboration with global corporations - including the Metro Group, Nokia, T-Systems, GS1, Markant and others. 
My work won various prices, grants and resulted in a multitude of media articles.
Scandit Today

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