EyeFitU AG

Innovation in a merging real and virtual world. Focus on Augmented/Mixed-Reality.

Fed up with the confusing country and brand specific sizing standards when buying clothes in brick and mortar stores or online? 
The original idea behind EyeFitU is simple: Enter your body measures into the EyefitU app or service. In a store, simply scan the bar code of a piece of clothing, e.g. a jeans, and the App will tell you immediately if this jeans will fit you. If it does not fit, it will give you a direct recommendation which size you should try that will fit you. Works also when shopping for friends and family members.
I've been responsible for the mandated development of the start-up EyeFitU AG until the going live of the first version. My contributions included the early-phase product management, project lead, design (interaction and visual design), development of the fitting algorithm (US patent granted in 2017), as well as mobile and backend software development (the latter in a team of four). During that time I was also EyeFitU CTO. Going live and complete handover to external EyeFitU AG happened in the beginning of 2014. Among other prices, EyeFitU was awarded Red Herring Top 100 Europe start-up in 2017.

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